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More than two weeks after ringing in 2023 with a series of historic, disruptive and at times, frightening atmospheric river storms in the Bay Area, there is finally light at the end of the tunnel for most of the upcoming week with a “normal” winter forecast of bitterly cold air, light breezes and a beaming sun in the sky throughout the region.

National Weather Service predictions showed calm, chilly air Tuesday in the Bay Area. Highs in the mid-50s were consistent throughout, with San Jose, San Francisco and Oakland each expected to top out at 55 degrees. Overnight temperatures could drop to the mid-30s, however, accompanied by calm winds and a dry, rainless night.

The forecast calls for more rain for the region on Wednesday; however, the totals weren’t expected to be more than one-quarter of an inch in the urban centers and the showers weren’t predicted to be accompanied by wind. The National Weather Service does warn, however, that more rainfall on the already saturated soils could aggravate flooding and mudslide concerns, like many Bay Area communities experienced Monday.

Those showers should diminish by Thursday, however, as temperatures were forecast to drop to highs in the low 50s before slowly rising to the high 50s by Saturday, giving the Bay Area its first completely dry weekend of 2023.

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