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January’s atmospheric river storms brought rainfall five times the average for the month to date in much of the Bay Area.

For this point in the water year — which starts in October — the totals are around twice the average at many Bay Area spots. November was drier than normal, and December brought about double the average rainfall.

The totals below are from Dec. 1 to Jan. 16 at National Weather Service stations.

The site of the greatest reading, Uvas Canyon, is at 1,100 feet elevation near the Casa Loma fire station, about 2 miles east of Loma Prieta.

To the south, Mining Ridge, at 3,288 feet elevation in Big Sur, has recorded 84.16 inches from Dec. 1 to this week.

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Location Inches
Peninsula & South Bay
Uvas Reservoir 33.11
Saratoga (Hwy 9/Pierce) 31.13
Foothills Preserve 30.98
Huddart Park 28.6
Windy Hill 28.47
Mount Hamilton 28
Calero Reservoir 24.2
Anderson Dam 22.8
San Francisco (Duboce) 20.69
Vasona Lake 19.95
San Francisco airport 18.71
San Jose (Lynbrook) 16.43
San Jose (Almaden Lake) 16.19
San Jose (Evergreen) 15.11
San Jose (Penitencia) 14.6
San Jose airport 7.46
East Bay
Skyline/Redwood 27.52
Castro Valley 26.42
Danville 24.39
St. Mary’s College 23.94
Dublin/San Ramon 23.8
Marsh Creek 23.55
Tassajara 22.46
Richmond 19.6
Oakland airport 19.19
Alhambra Valley 18.93
Pittsburg 18.32
Hayward 18.27
Concord 16.88
Livermore 14.33
I-680/Calaveras 14.03
Los Vaqueros 13.89
Santa Cruz Mountains
Uvas Canyon 49.17
Loma Prieta 44.74
Mount Umunhum 44.02
Boulder Creek 43.9
Ben Lomond landfill 42.78
Hwy. 17 summit 42.43
Lexington Reservoir 37.79
Mount Madonna 32.95
Coast Dairies 31.58

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