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Big dogs require big love. And starting today, there’s no better reason to give Fido some affection than by visiting Oakland Animal Services, which is holding an adoption marathon to save 50 big dogs in five days.

“Overcrowding has become an epidemic for shelters across the country, and in Oakland, dog intake has been increasing over several months,” the shelter writes on Facebook. “In 2022, OAS took in 555 more dogs compared to the same period in 2021. There is now an urgent need to find 50 big dogs a home by Monday.”

To help sweeten the deal, the shelter is waiving adoption fees. It’s also offering extended hours through MLK Jr. Day: until 7 p.m. Thursday and noon to 5 p.m. Friday to Monday. No appointment is needed, just show up at 1101 29th Ave., Oakland, and grab your preferred dog.

The open-admission shelter notes that it hasn’t had to euthanize any animals for space reasons since 2019. It would like to keep it that way. So if you’re in search of a pet but are more of a cat, dove, bunny or guinea-pig person, fostering one of these animals will also help by addressing the overcrowding crisis, the shelter says.

And come on, are you really going to say “no” to faces like these? (Head to OAS’s website for all the dogs they have available for adoption.)

Dorothy Barker (ID# 59556). American Pit Bull Terrier / Mixed
“Dorothy Barker” (ID# 59556). American Pit Bull Terrier / Mixed 
Merlot (ID# A0051818218).German Shepherd
“Merlot” (ID# A0051818218).German Shepherd 
Hickory (ID# 61734). Siberian Husky / Mixed
“Hickory” (ID# 61734). Siberian Husky / Mixed 
Nitro (ID# A0051509809)Pit Bull Terrier / Mixed
“Nitro” (ID# A0051509809)Pit Bull Terrier / Mixed 

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