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MARTINEZ — An Antioch man has been sentenced to life without the possibility of parole after being convicted last year of murdering a man in an ambush-style shooting, court records show.

Darrin “Mississippi” Lynch, 55, was transferred Dec. 23 to North Kern State Prison to begin serving his sentence. Last August, a Contra Costa jury convicted Lynch of murdering 47-year-old Andrew McCoy.

McCoy was shot and killed on the evening of May 6, 2019, on Shoreline Drive in Pittsburg. Prosecutors argued Lynch hid in a bush for two minutes waiting for McCoy to pass by, then yelled out, “Hey bro,” and shot him when he turned. Because of that, Lynch was convicted of a special circumstances enhancement of lying in wait, which made him eligible for life without parole.

Prosecutors didn’t spell out a clear motive, but a relative of McCoy testified she saw him arguing with Lynch a month before the shooting.

Lynch’s attorney argued during trial that prosecution witnesses were liars who were “spoon fed” testimony as part of a lazy police investigation. Lynch is appealing his conviction and sentence, a process that typically takes years.

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